[Salud!] Gesundheit Institute y la Dra. Rita Levi-Montalcini

Porfavor lean esta vision del verdadero Patch Adams de un modelo de salud, basada en la Diversión y la Amistad

Vision for a Free Hospital Based on Fun and Friendship (Y el mejor traductor que encontré al Español--jaja "Remiendo" Adams)

by Patch Adams



"In spending this amount of time with patients, we found that the vast majority of our adult population does not have a day to day vitality for life (which we would define as good health). The idea that a person was healthy because of normal lab values and clear x-rays had no relationship to who the person was. Good health was much more deeply related to close friendships, meaningful work, a lived spirituality of any kind, an opportunity for loving service and an engaging relationship to nature, the arts, wonder, curiosity, passion and hope. All of these are time-consuming, impractical needs. When we don't meet these needs, the business of high-tech medicine diagnoses mental illness and treats with pills.

What the majority need is an engagement with life. This is why we fully integrated medicine with performing arts, arts and crafts, agriculture, nature, education, recreation and social service, as essential parts of health care delivery. We knew that the best medical thing we could do for the patients was to help them have grand friendship skills and find meaning in their lives. This is a major reason that the staff's home was the hospital. We insisted on friendships with our patients (made easy by not charging, and giving them our lives). A patient ideally would bring their whole family while they were healthy, and stay a few days as friends, becoming familiar with the hospital (home, sanctuary), so that just being there was relaxing, even healing." Full text

Entrevista en Español


Tambien, me gustaría que vean ESTA hermosa entrevista de la Dra. Rita Levi-Montalcini (acá su autobiografía). Ella es premio Nobel de Medicina, pionera en neuroembriología, alumna de Giuseppe Levi--maestro de sus otros dos compañeros Salvador Luria and Renato Dulbecco ambos también premios Nobel--A PUNTO de cumplir sus 100 años y explica que el cerebro no se arruga/deteriora: "Mantén tu cerebro ilusionado, activo, hazlo funcionar, y nunca se degenerará."

para los interesados, aqui hay otra linda entrevista mas extensa

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